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What, Why, How, Who & When! On Male Grooming & Omorfos

The questions on everyone’s lips; literally this weekend we have seen so much content around this topic and we are loving it!

So lets jump straight into answering these questions for you.

What is Male Grooming & what does Omorfos contribute to the Male Grooming industry?

Male grooming refers to men paying attention to fashion and enhancing their own appearance through skincare, haircare and overall body care. Beyond that male grooming and self care also applies to taking care of the inside through fitness, vitamins, mental wellbeing activities and a good diet.

Omorfos Parcels is a Male Grooming Discovery Subscription parcel, this means we carefully select products to go into the parcel from brands all over the world to be delivered to your door.

Why is Male Grooming important & Why should you subscribe to Omorfos?

Male grooming is as important as a female grooming; why because men age to, men can get wrinkles, bad skin, hair loss, skin cancer, skin pigmentation, teeth decay etc. Taking care of yourself, being healthy, looking and feeling good is essential and we learned this is truer than ever over the last 14 months.

Omorfos makes grooming easy and cost effective as we do the hard work in discovering products for you. You will pay £30 every other month and receive a parcel with the value from £50-80 therefore you are saving money with EVERY parcel you receive.

Who should Groom and who is Omorfos for?

Every male we repeat grooming is for EVERY male. From skin to hair to body and teeth!

Omorfos is for the men who know the importance and power of investing in them selves.
Omorfos is for the men who would like to discover grooming products to level up their regime and overall wellbeing.
Omorfos is for the men who value time and are savvy enough to save money at the same time.
Omorfos is for the men who believe in prevention in all things skin, mind, body and soul is better than cure.
Omorfos is for the men who know their value.
If your still reading Omorfos is for you.

Within each of our parcels we include 5-7 products for our subscribers to discover and try. The best way to find what works for our skin, hair or bodies is to try products ourselves. Some products may not be your favourite all year round and just seasonal and others may become your daily go to!

How do you know what products to use or how to use the product you receive in your Omorfos Parcel?

Within our parcels you will receive a leaflet that details a little information about the product and how to use it. In terms of when to use what types of products we will be sharing another blog on what a basic routine for skin and haircare should look like. We will also be sharing how to use video for each parcel starting from March!

When should you groom and when do you get your Omorfos parcel?

Everyday! It’s that simple; washing your face, styling your hair, cutting your nails, oiling your beard, creaming your body, getting dressed in your favourite working from home fit… its all grooming!

You will receive your parcels every other month, for example if your first parcel is delivered in February your second will be delivered in April. You can expect your parcels to be delivered the last week of every month. Subscribe today and use the code OM20 to receive 20% off your subscription.

We hope this has given you a little insight into the world of grooming; more visuals are to come, stay tuned! For our members next month we will be unlocking the members area, here you will find more lifestyle and grooming tips, tricks and treats!

Keep improving by UCB

Author H. Jackson Brown Jr quipped, ‘Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates.
There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.’ If you know you have talent and you’ve seen a lot of motion but little concrete results, you may lack

Look at last week’s schedule. How much of your time did you devote to regular, disciplined activities?
Did you do anything to grow and improve yourself? If you have been putting these things off and telling yourself that you’ll do them later, you need to work on your self-discipline.

A nursery in Canada displays this sign on its wall: ‘The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago…The second-best time is today.’

So starting today – discipline yourself. Why? Because:

  1. There’s a price to pay to reach the next level. American playwright Sidney Howard remarked: ‘One half of knowing what you want, is knowing what you must give up before you get it.’
  2. Be willing to start with small things. At first, your gains will be small, but they will grow. The difference between the gold medal winner and the other contestants is often just a hundredths of a second.
  3. Get into the right environment. Since improvement always requires some degree of risk and failure, pick a place where growth and experimentation are encouraged.
  4. Believe that you can always do it better. Anything you’ve done in a particular way for a given amount of time can always be done better. So with faith, you can keep improving!

Keep improving & subscribe

The Word For Today

Home facial for men by Jasmine Dias

Here is an easy to follow at home facial to get the most out of your face masks.

You will need:

  • Facial sponges
  • Your cleanser
  • A face steamer and a towel or A bowl of hot water and a towel
  • A barber pro face mask ( you can use any facemask suitable for your skin type or all skin types)
  • Your moisturiser

How to use with our very own member Mina

Welcome to the new members area, here you will find a mixture of content only members will have access too or content members will have first. In addition to the how to use inserts within your parcels, you will now have a demonstration video in this area at the start of each month.

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